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When's the Best Time of Year to Visit Talona Ridge RV Resort?

Is Fall truly the best time to travel through North Georgia? And is Talona Ridge the perfect RV Resort to stay at while you're there?

Many people would agree that North Georgia experiences all four seasons. For this reason, it's a great place to travel in your RV. We may not get much snowfall in the Winter months, but when it does, we Georgians make a big deal about it.

The Spring is beautiful, begins in late March, and is filled with blooming flowers. Summers here in Ellijay are milder, with temperatures going up to the mid 80's, which is ideal for RVing. These Summer months are a great time to enjoy River Tubing, kayaking in Carter's Lake, and swimming under waterfalls. If you're more inclined to an upscale Summer experience, you can chill at our heated pool while sipping a margarita from our Grandview Bar.

But then there is Fall. Many would say that Fall is their favorite season, and for those who get to experience October-November in North Georgia, it's usually true. The leaves change, the weather is perfect, and it's apple harvesting season. There are many wonderful events that take place in October in North Georgia, including the Apple Festival in Ellijay.

See for yourself!

Imagine Camper came and visited Talona Ridge in October of 2022. They documented their experience in their blog. Their trip took place just a week or two before the leaves fully changed.


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