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Hidden Gems

There's a series of surprises around every corner as you venture into hidden gems, valleys, rivers, trails, and the plethora of revived small town hubs that offer great food, wine, art and entertainment. Gilmer county in particular boasts some of the best wineries in the southeast.


Talona Ridge RV Resort offers up this destination of adventure with much more to do than a week's stay would allow for. You'll have to plan to return and push to new heights on your exploration calendar.


Come see the lakes, play golf, crest the peaks and roll through the valleys and gaps of the southern end of the Appalachian Trail. The possibilities are without end!

The Apple Capital

The Apple Capital of Georgia is the proud home to many multigenerational apple orchards. The season peaks in the Fall but is worth visiting any time of year. Stop by any of the orchard farm stores to meet the farmers and enjoy all things apple from cider to apple cider donuts, pies, jams and jellies. Gilmer county welcomes you to join us for the annual Georgia Apple Festival which will be the second and third weekends of October.

Expedition Bigfoot

Expedition BigFoot is a fun place for the whole family with all the museum exhibits and attractions located indoors. The museum is Self-Guided. On average it takes 45 minutes to an hour. It all depends on your level of interest in the subject of Bigfoot and Bigfoot research. On site there is a nice gift shop stocked with all manner of souvenirs including books, movies, T-shirts, toys, chocolates and more.

"Our museum provides a lot of that evidence, and leaves the question of Bigfoot's existence up to you. So whether you’re a skeptic, believer or “knower”, all are welcome."

Check it out: Go to the website

In The Woods Pottery Studio

In the Woods Pottery Studio has a studio space with hand-building tables, wheels, glazes and kiln on the premises. Space for both individual lessons and small groups. All the necessary pieces to create your own original creations in clay and have them glazed & fired. All levels welcome!

Jack and Elizabeth have been showing and selling ceramics at festivals in Atlanta and around the North Georgia mountains since 2014.

Check it out: Go to the website

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