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Why pick Talona Ridge RV Resort for the winter months?

Here's why you should go to Talona Ridge RV Resort for winter

Why stop your RV travels during the winter months when you can still stay at a luxury RV Resort, enjoy all the amenities, and enjoy a mild winter with local fun!

Eastward view from the top of Talona Ridge RV Resort

The winter months for RVers can be tricky! Where to stay? Can I get a reservation, what will it cost and how far in advance do I need to book, most importantly will I be cold? So many questions and concerns, I am here to answer your worries.

What if I told you that I had that perfect RV Resort for you, the “unicorn” of resorts!

Located just an hour and 20 minutes north of Atlanta at the Gateway to the North Georgia Mountains, sits Talona Ridge RV Resort of East Ellijay. Nestled in a small town that offers something for anyone, hiking, biking, wineries, breweries, and that small town charm.

It’s all the things you’d want at an RV resort and more!

As a family of 5 with a 43ft 5th wheel the thing we love the most is, it was designed for big rigs without scary roads to make it up to an epic view! Wide roads, big turns, easy pull through and back in sites! Full RV hook ups and something for any traveler, couples, solo and families.

It holds 3 levels of options for where you will park your tiny home on wheels, each boasting their own unique views and style so there is truly an option for everyone and every budget.

North-west view from Eagle Crest at Talona Ridge RV Resort

When you picture wintertime in an RV, cold mountains may not be on the list, but I can assure you that Talona Ridge will warm your hearts. Your RV adventures are not over once you park, they are just beginning.

Each site has its own beautiful fire pit

The pool and hot tub are heated year round


Warm yourself up with a perfectly cozy atmosphere.

The folks at Talona Ridge have done a beautiful job with warm welcoming cozy fire pit areas and brick fireplaces to snuggle up for a cup of hot chocolate outside. You can enjoy 360-degree views for hours, the sunsets and sunrises are a photographer’s dream, and create those Instagram worthy pictures.

Each site has its own beautiful fire pit

Imagine a cozy fire pit with wooden Adirondack chairs, views that will rival any RV Resort and wood delivered right to your RV site. Yes, each site has its own beautiful fire pit, wooden chairs, and picnic table on concrete. Surrounded by lush landscape and room to feel as if you are all alone.

Northward view from an Eagle Crest site at Talona Ridge RV Resort

The pool and hot tub are heated year-round

The pool and hot tub are heated year-round and I must say that the view is better than any resort RV or hotel, that I have ever seen in this area and truly beyond!

The club house is outstanding and holds little nooks of seating areas with gorgeous fireplaces making you feel right at home. Weekly and weekend events will keep you engaged while you stay. Trivia, yoga, live music, and food trucks are just the beginning.

The fitness center at Talona Ridge RV Resort

Fitness center, dog park, play area, general store

The fitness center is perfect for any traveler that likes to keep up with a workout routine, or you can enjoy walking, biking, or jogging on the property. Do you travel with your furry pets? The doggy area was built with your furry friends in mind and allows them a perfect safe place to play. The kids outdoor play area is the best spot to help your kids get out all those travel day wiggles. The welcome area is just as wonderful and holds the sweetest gift shop (General Store) and convenience items.

The best part about Talona Ridge is the staff makes you feel like family, that is Talona Ridges biggest attribute beyond the views and amenities you will feel right at home.

We’ve chosen to make this our base for the winter months again this year, we hope you will as well.

Happy Adventures! Be Safe & Never Stop Exploring~


Gwendolyn - Author

About the Author

Gwendolyn, her husband Brittan and three children full-time travel in their RV along with their two pups! They love to share tips and tricks on how to live the full-time RV life, road school and find awesome off-the-beaten-path locations all while keeping their sanity and having fun! Gwendolyn’s love of exploring amazing hiking locations for families, chasing sunsets and waterfalls and her love of photography have made RV life a dream come true to share!

You can follow along their journey on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube @chaoskiddosandharmony

Or drop by their blog:

Photography: Gwendolyn


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