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What's in a name, and who or what is "Talona"?

Talona Ridge RV Resort is a small, unique and very special place for vacationers to consider as their new destination for adventure in the heights of North Georgia. But where did the name, "Talona Ridge" come from?

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Standing atop the ridge on which the resort hosts Eagle Crest, our top-tier RV sites, you can look southward and see three distinct waves in the rolling peaks leading up to Talona mountain.

Talona Mountain has an elevation of 2,090 feet (640 m), and derives its name from an old Cherokee settlement which included a post office established in 1886 and survived until the early 50s.

The word "Talona" has its origin in the Cherokee Indian community, and so far there is limited information on the exact meaning, although there are hints of references to a location where red Sumac flowers were common, and also other interesting connections to that of a medicine woman or Indian healer. We have more research to do.

Primarily there is a fantastic view of Talona mountain, both when you drive north into East Ellijay from Jasper, and then of course on the three levels of the resort as you look south. With such a prominent view of these three distinctive peaks, and our own resort having three unique topographic levels, it's enough of a mirror to warrant the name.

There is rich history in this area, especially Indians, railroads, economic growth. Stay tuned for further articles!


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